The start and the finish of all three races of the 6. Night marathon are located on the FC Index athletic course behind the football goal closer to the Sunčani kej (quay) and the Danube itself. After exiting the stadium, first you run on concrete tiles course to an asphalt road which leads to Dr. Zoran Đinđić street. At the end of Dr. Zoran Đinđić street, there is a turn right to sidewalk which leads back to the Sunčani kej. Before entering Sunčani kej, the course turns right on bicycle pad where you run until you reach refreshment station no.1. where the turn itself is located. After the turn, in return run you run on tartan course to the Zeppelin barge-ship, where you turn left to the bicycle pad which is parallel with Car Lazar Boulevard on that part. Once again you will reach Dr. Zoran Đinđić street and than you turn left towards the FC Index stadium. After entering the stadium, you go right to the athletic course and run in the counterclockwise direction.

Laps count

  • Marathon 6 laps
  • Half-marathon 3 laps
  • Minimarathon 1 lap

Mapa starta Nocni 2015

Participants are obliged to turn in the goal zone only in their finishing lap. Half­marathon runners in their third lap and marathon runners in their sixth lap. In all other laps, you run around the goal zone. For better understanding, look at the drawing.

Every runner has to show their bib to the referees if asked to. Every course shortening leads to disqualification. For the rest of the rules, read the Night marathon rule book.

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By Boško Stupar

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