This document is compound in order to solve any concerns as well as providing basis for fair trial on all races included in the Night marathon event. This rule book is based on IAAF’s international athletics federation rule book (IAAF Competition Rules 204­2015) and international marathon association, AIMS.


  1. All competitors are obliged to line up so that none of their body parts crosses the start line. Referee is in charge of the start line and gives a sign for a race to start.
  2. The start can be given by a pistol shot, by an air horn or via proclamation countdown.


  1. All competitors are participating on their own responsibility and are familiar with risks of long-distance running. In case of minors, written consent of parent/s, guardian/s or other by law authorized person/s is needed.
  2. The Organizer is obliged to provide professional medical help or transport to emergency hospital if competitor can’t be helped on the spot. Medical staff is clearly marked and available during the whole event.
  3. All contestants are obliged to take care of other competitors’ health, as well as audience’s health. Every act of violence leads to instant and irrevocable disqualification and removal from the event.
  4. Contestant is obliged to leave the track if medical staff forbids him to continue his race in his own health interest.


  1. The organizer’s duty is to provide water for all competitors on the start/finish position of every race.
  2. At races longer than 10 kilometers, organizer provides refreshment on every 5km or so.
  3. Refreshment stations next to water, can contain energy drinks and supplements approved by the organization board of the Night marathon.
  4. Organizer provides refreshment for all the competitors, but can allow competitors to bring their own refreshment. Competitors can use their own refreshment only if following terms have been met:
    • Competitor has brought his refreshment to the start and he/she carries it throughout his entire race.
    • Competitor has taken his own refreshment from a place approved by the organizer, and
    • If competitor takes his own refreshment outside designed zone, referee may give him a yellow or even a red card and disqualify him if competitor makes the same mistake again.
  5. Every contestant is obliged to act politely towards refreshment stations staff as well as towards other competitors. One offense can bring competitor a yellow card.
  6. Every competitor’s due is to enable other competitors as well to reach refreshment stations and they must not block the approach.

Race course

  1. Competitor is allowed to leave the race course only with the permission and supervision of referee/race official, under condition that return to the course does not shorten it.
  2. Every walkout from the course without referee/race official approval is reported to the head referee who can disqualify competitor.
  3. In case that none of the authorized staff members has not seen competitor shortening the course, two eye witnesses with their written statements are required, so that the head referee can disqualify competitor who shortened the course.

Finish and after the race

  1. Every competitor’s due is to follow staff instruction at the finish.
  2. If referee/staff member asks competitor to approach the results desk, competitor is obliged to answer all questions about competitors identity, as soon as his physical condition allows it (after competitor recovers enough or as soon as doctor approves that competitor can be asked questions, if competitor asked for medical help.)
  3. After the race, participants can refresh themselves in the finish refreshment zone which has been isolated from the course.
  4. Refreshment on the track is intended to be used by competitors who have not finished the race yet. Finisher is not allowed to use this refreshment unless specially approved by organization members.
  5. Referee is authorized to disqualify competitor who does not listen to referee/staff member instructions after finishing the race.

By Boško Stupar

Triatlonac, trkač, orjentirac, penjač, avanturista, entuzijast, boškotlonac, kažu prijatelji :)