Pay the entry fee

Please read the instructions!

Pay entry fee latest until 19.06.2013. to get a T-shirt in your start package. It is possible to register on the day of the event, but competitors don’t receive full start package then.

Registration becomes complete just after the payment.

On the list of the completely registered competitors will be just the ones who paid the entry fee. If you already paid the entry fee and there is no your name on the starting list 48 hours after the payment you can write to us on e-Mail

If you are in Serbia

You can pay the entry fee in the bank:

  • Svrha uplate (Purpose of the payment): Prijava za 4. Noćni maraton.
  • Primalac (payment receiver): ARK Fruška Gora, Stevana Hristića 27, Novi Sad.
  • Žiro račun (bank account No.):  200-2644410101038-66
  • Poziv na broj (payment reference ID): enter some unique ID of yours, this code will be used for the payment identification – this number must match to your payment ID from the register form.

If you are paying from abroad

You can pay the entry fee through the PayPal service here:

Payment reference ID (must match the one on the register form)

Entry fee for the PayPal payments is 10€ + 1.6€ (transaction and conversion fees).