The 4th Night marathon

The 4th Night marathon in Novi Sad, Serbia

Instruction for participants

          Dear friends and visitors to our site, we are proud to announce our favourite race: The 4th Night Marathon in Novi Sad, one of the biggest in Serbia, which will be held on June 29th 2013. This is in honour of the Danube, on The International Danube Day and in Danube’s honor. By running that night along the banks of the magnificent river, we will remind ourselves once again that we are also a small part of the evironment surrounding us. With physical activity and the presence of numerous lovers of recreation and nature, we will celebrate, as do other Danube cities Europe wide, the significance of the largest European eco-system!

4. Noćni maraton
4. Noćni maraton

Information in the following text is about the event itself. More details will be published as the day approaches.


Recreational Athletic Club “Fruška gora” – Novi Sad


Novi Sad’s quay ( Novosadski Kej ), Novi Sad, Serbia

Main events

  • Marathon 42,2 km
  • Half-marathon 21,1 km
  • Mini-marathon 4 km

Date and schedule

  • Saturday, 29.06.2013, with the organisation opening at 20h
  • The marathon and mini-marathon start at 21h, the half-marathon at 22h

Registration centre

Novosadski kej, located opposite the football stadium of FC Index, near the Philosophical faculty ( street of Zoran Đinđić No2 )

Registrations and entry fee

Competitors in all of the three races, mini-marathon ( 4km ), half-marathon ( 21km ) and marathon ( 42km ) can register in advance online. The registration fee for online applicants is 1000 dinars or 10€. Registration is still possible on the event day from 17h until 19h in the registration centre, but without the starting package.

Starting numbers and starting packages will be obtainable from the registration centre from 17h until 19h.

Online registration will be open until midnight on 19.06.2013. Closed!!!

Detailed entry fee payment instructions can be found here. Closed!!!

Eligibility to compete in races

  • Adults may participate in any race on their own personal responsibility.

  • Under-aged – THEY CANNOT participate in the marathon, and for participation in the mini-marathon and half-marathon they MUST have the written consent of parents, tutors or an authorised coach

* Everyone younger than 18 years on the race day are considered under-aged.


  • The winners of all races, in male and in female categories, are awarded with trophies and winners certificates.

  • The winners of half-marathon and marathon race are awarded gift prizes.

  • Traditionally three fastest runners from Novi Sad will be awarded trophies and certificates.

Finishers of all three races are awarded with a medal and a certificate.

There are no cash prizes or separate age categories.

The course

The entire course follows the Danube, and the start and finish of all the races are located on the Novi Sad quay opposite to FC Index. Each lap of the course is 5250m so the marathon runners run 8 laps, half-marathon runners 4 laps, and the participants in mini-marathon run one shortened lap of 4km.
The course will be clearly marked and secured, with over 50 volunteers along the track, for the safety of runners. On the turns, as well as at the Start-Finish position, judges will be located. Refreshment stations will be located at the turns.

Time limits

Racing times are limited, but everyone should be able to finish their races without a problem:

  • Marathon 42,195km – 6 hour limit
  • Half-marathon 21,215km – 3 hour limit
  • Mini-marathon 4km – 45 min. limit

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Recommended accommodation for the 4th Night marathon:

It is located in the downtown and withing 5-10min walking distance to the start of the marathon. Prices starting from 10€ per night.


If you have any questions or complains regarding 4th Night marathon you can write as on the address

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As every year, the organiser promises everyone a great time!!! 🙂

The organiser reserves the right to alter the event details. Every change will be announced and published on the pages of this web site.