4th Night marathon – instructions for participants

Race center is located on Sunčani kej (pronounce Soonchani quay) between FC Index stadium and Faculty of philosophy (Zorana Djindjica street 2).

Race center is open for new applicants and picking up starters packs on saturday from 5PM to 7M.

For participants who applied online

There will be separate queues for all three races: 42K, 21K, and 4K. Upon arrival, we find your application based on your last and firs name, and only after you sign the statement that you participate on your own responsibility, you get the starters pack.
This rule applies only for those whose application is marked as complete on the starters list. If your application is NOT marked complete, you should reapply on the race day.

For participants who apply on the race day

Fill the applicants form and then stand in the queue for your race. Starters fee on the race day is 700 dinars and you do not get the starters pack.

Mapa prijemnog centra
Race center

How to get to the race center from the train and bus stations

Take bus line 4 from the train station and get off the bus at the corner of Fruškogorska and Narodnog Fronta streets (point E on the map). From that point it will take you 5 minutes on foot to the race center (point F). The direction is displayed on the map.

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Luggage and clothing deposit

There will be a deposit room for clothing and luggage. When you leave or take over your stuff, you must present your starting number. Every bag will have a sticker attached to it.
There will be NO dressing rooms!

The organizer is not responsible for any valuables that you leave in the deposit area.


Start of the marathon 42km and mini-marathon 4km is scheduled for 21:00 while the start of the half-marathon is scheduled for 22:00.
You should enter the start-zone 10min before the start of Your race.

The track

The track consists of laps and each lap is 5250 meters long. Marathon runners run 8 laps, and half-marathon runners run 4 laps. Mini-marathon runners run one shortened lap. The track is completely flat with no altitude differences. The track is not AIMS certified.

One turning point is at the Students hostels, and the other is at the former pontoon bridge. From that point you can see the Rainbow bridge, named this way because in the night it is lit in the colors of rainbow, and the Fortress.

Tvrdjava nocu
Fortress at night

You run on asphalt track in one direction, and on the tartan track when you turn. Participants should count the laps by themselves. If you run less laps than needed, you will be disqualified.

View Staza 4. Noćnog maratona in a larger map


There are two refresments on the track. One is at the students hostels, and here you will get Dextro Energy refreshment. The other is near the race center and here you will get fruits.
After you cross the finish line, there is a refreshment point with water and fruits. Every participant that has a starting number will get dinner at choice – a salami sandwich or vegan pasta.

Medals and certificates

Every participants who finishes the race will get a medal and a cetificate.

Results and photos

All three races are time-measured and results will be published on our web site. During the race, the results will be published on a board at the race center, and on our web site results page. Your race time is noted by the referees at the finish line and you should clearly display your starting number so that it is visible to the referees in order for your time to be precisely noted. In case of any irregularities, you should immediately contact main referee or write to us at maraton@arkfrskagora.org.rs after the marathon.

The event will be covered by a number of photographers. Photos will be published one week after the event.